REDWAVE C is an optical sorting system for colour recognition. For working in the field of mineral sorting, the machine is equipped with a RGB camera.

Technical specifications: REDWAVE C:
Sensor technologies This sorting machine works with a high-resolution RGB camera.
Sorting width 600 mm - 2000 mm
Capacity depends on material and grain size
Feed Band system (single-sided detection) or chute system (two-sided detection)

Functional principle:

Infeed material is spread over the entire REDWAVE sorting width by a vibration feeder or an acceleration belt. The material is then scanned and identified by the sensor system (single or double sided sensing), while in free fall. If the identified minerals meet the set ejection parameters, a signal is sent to the ejection units. Individual high speed air jets, operated by compressed air, eject the identified mineral. The number of activated solenoids depends on the size of the identified part.

Operating principal

Material flow:

Vibration conveyor

Light source

Camera unit

Ejection unit

Divider plate

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