for colour recognition

Ceramics, stones, porcelain and metals



Colour sorting



A wide variety of special glasses (Laminated glass, acrylic glass, transparent plastic components, etc.)


  • Unique technology
  • High capacity, high quality and high yield sorting
  • Modular 2-way or 3-way design
  • Reliable and user friendly operation
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Low maintenance requirements

REDWAVE CX and CXF units are highly efficient 2-way and 3-way sorting systems. The unique 3-way design offers the same high performance for the first and second eject. With one eject from the front and one from the rear the distance and hence the time between material scanning and ejection is absolutely equal for both sorts. This new concept in combination with the new high performance valve and nozzle arrangement allows compact sorting plants with less sorting steps but without losing quality and yield.

Processing plants can therefore be designed with a smaller number of sorting machines and thus a more compact design.

Technical specifications: REDWAVE CX: REDWAVE CXF:
Sorting width 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 mm 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 mm
Sensor system High resolution colour line camera High resolution colour line camera
Light source High power multispectral LED High power multispectral LED
Eject valves 240 valves for 1500 mm sorting width 240 valves for 1000 mm sorting width
Valve and nozzle distance 6.25 mm 4.17 mm
Sortable material size 6 to 50 mm 2 to 12 mm
Capacity up to 16 t/h up to 8 t/h

Operating principal


Glass chute

Camera box

LED light box

Front valves and nozzles

Rear valves and nozzles

Eject A (from front)

Eject B (from rear)


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