Process Monitoring and Control System for Glass / Plastics / Paper / Wood / Metal / Minerals

Process Monitoring and Control System

For continuous monitoring and controlling of the complete sorting process.


The individual sorting steps are permanently analysed to continuously monitor and optimize the complete sorting process.

  1. REDWAVE specifications
  2. Load of the entire REDWAVE
  3. Load of each channel of REDWAVE
  4. Signal, to decrease/increase the input feeding, to bring the REDWAVE into normal load range.
  5. REDWAVE shows the 25, median and 75 measure points. If the values are out of range, the grain size of the input material is not correct.


  • Guaranteed optimum performance of the sorting process and the recovery of high quality recycled products
  • Automated quality control of high volume samples or streams
  • Continuous product analysis (grain size, weight, colour distribution)
  • Quality assurance and quality control already during sorting process
  • Clearly-structured graphics
  • Warning message if benchmarks are fallen short of or exceeded

If one of the figures is above or below a certain threshold a warning or request for action is sent to the plant control system.

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