Plant solutions for electronic scraps

Compact WEEE sorting plant

REDWAVE has developed this compact sorting line for all electronic waste.

Outstanding features of the line:
  • REDWAVE hyperspectral imaging
  • High-resolution RGB camera
  • All metal detector
Auxiliary equipment:
  • Hopper
  • Discharge unit
  • Conveying system
  • Feeding with screening option
Customer Benefits:
  • Proven compact sorting solution
  • Smart solution for low capacity
  • Free programmable sorting task

Customer Feedback:
Janek Sibbul, director at company WeeRec AS: “REDWAVE quality and price ratio is very good. The sorting machine works accurately. A big plus is that new modules can be added to this device (metal detector, sorting by colour etc.). Since installation our plastic sort has reached a new level.“

Customized WEEE sorting plant

REDWAVE guarantees the highest value of recycling plants based on years of experience in the recycling industry.

Customer Benefits:
  • Customized and flexible plant solutions for different WEEE material streams
  • Free programmable sorting task
  • Well balanced sorting plants with own developed REDWAVE sorting technology
  • Continuous optimization by REDWAVE Process Monitoring and Control System (PMCS)

Customer Feedback:
Manfred Koegl, plant manager for WEEE recycling facility at Saubermacher: “We are extremely satisfied with the design and sorting quality of the REDWAVE machines. We found REDWAVE systems to be very professional throughout the project and our requests were always immediately addressed.“

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