Plant solutions for paper

Paper recycling competences:

  • Feeding system
  • Separation of OCC (oversize corrugated cardboard)
  • Separation of fine materials
  • Conveying technology
  • REDWAVE sensor-based sorting technology
  • Pressing technology
  • Pneumatic extraction technology

REDWAVE sorting technology enables fully automated separation of recyclable materials and is successful operating world-wide.

Customer benefit:

  • Cost-effective mode of operation
  • High throughput rates and
  • High quality of final product

The paper industry has high standards for de-inked paper. REDWAVE, a sensor based technology, is able to achieve these requirements with the highest precision. Standard applications are carried out via Near Infrared Technology (NIR) in combination with colour sensor.


Paper sorting REDWAVE machines offer the unique feature of quantitative identification of kaolin, cellulose, lignin and moisture. Furthermore newspapers with flexoprint can be detected and separated.

Together with other well-known companies, REDWAVE researches intensively in the area of automated paper separation.

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