Plant solutions for plastics

Plastic recycling competences:

  • Feeding system
  • Shredding technology
  • Screening technology
  • Conveying technology
  • REDWAVE sensor-based sorting technology
  • Pressing technology

REDWAVE guarantees high throughput of materials with maximum recovery of materials achieving maximum return on the separated commodities. Different sensor systems can be selected to achieve the optimum performance.



Customer benefit:

  • Cost-effective mode of operation
  • High throughput rates and
  • High quality of final product

The  recovery of unmixed plastics and other potential recyclables represents a major challenge for the processing industry.

Our intensive research and development work offers the latest sorting technology at any time. The fields of application within plastics sorting are often very different. For example, bottles (PET, HDPE, PP, …), films (LDPE, PP, …) as well as bio-degradable plastics can be efficiently recycled and chloride compounds­ (PVC), flame retardant plastics, paper, wood and metals can be effectively separated.

We provide engineering, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of plastic sorting systems with the latest know-how and will gladly offer you competent assistance.

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