Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Separation of impurities:

  • Chloride compounds (PVC)
  • Stones
  • Metals
  • Bricks
  • Glass
  • Etc.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) are fuels derived mainly from industrial waste, bulky and commercial waste or from sorting residues delivered by recyclable material sorting plants.


Managing Director at Muellex Mr. Manfred Fritz:


"To keep a leading role in the field of alternative fuel production, we decided at the end of 2012, to integrate a PVC discharge into the existing plant. Therefore we installed the REDWAVE sorting machine at the end of March 2013. Due to this sorting machine of BT-Wolfgang Binder we are now able to produce solid recovered fuels with very little chlorine content. We are completely satisfied with REDWAVE, from the planning, meeting deadlines, installation to the commissioning.”

“With the help of the new Near-Infrared (NIR) device the PVC and PET plastics are recognised and eliminated using compressed air control jets. By removing PVC a higher quality fuel is produced, by removing PET more recycling is achieved and the life span of the equipment is increased. The chairman of Saubermacher, Mr Roth, also said, “With these REDWAVE units another essential step is achieved for the circular economy. I am glad that we have done this, creating more raw materials which are otherwise imported and expensive to separately collect.”




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